Get the Skills, Network and Mindset needed to Get Hired Abroad.

VanHack Premium will help you get ready to find a job abroad.

Our members get jobs faster and have the peace of mind needed to work abroad. We've helped prepare over 700 tech professionals get their dreams jobs abroad. Do you want to be next?

What does VanHack Premium provide for you?

More than 40h of English practice per month divided into Interview Practice - technical and behavioral - and IELTS. It's 100% focused on your needs as an IT professional and it helps you increase your confidence, vocabulary and get more prepared for your dream job abroad.

Exclusive access to a library of videos to help you all the way on your preparation to get a job abroad and relocate to a new country.

Personalized calls with a Career Coach to help you with your International Profile by doing Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile & Personal Portfolio review, advising you on the best way to show your skills and professional experience.

Exclusive Slack Community to share industry insights and grow together

Community support to help you on your journey to find a great job abroad

Exclusive monthly Webinars and training

And much more!

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Complete Javascript Course for Premium Members

The course was created together with Tulio Farias, Developer at TopTal and founder of DevPleno and FullDev. It contains more than 35 classes that cover Javascript in back-end and front-end, ReactJS and advanced topics (plus exercises to practice your skills!)

Learn the Job Interview & English skills needed to get hired

We have more than 40 hours of English Practice per month in VanHack Premium, helping you to get ready to get hired abroad. Besides offering you Interview Practice - technical and behavioral - we also have special classes for IELTS preparation. All English levels are welcome.

With less than CAD $2/hour for English Practice with amazing Teachers, you'll have the opportunity to improve your skills by talking with other Tech Talents from different places and backgrounds, making this a unique experience.

VanHack Premium Changes Lives

Our Premium Service is a complete package of solutions to help you get ready and closer to your dream job abroad. We'll help you have a perfect international profile, increasing your chances of standing out from the crowd.

We'll also prepare you to have a great performance in interviews, improving your chances of receiving a job offer from Canada or Europe.

Along with all of that, we'll be with you each step of the way while you look for a job, through a Slack Community exclusive for Premium Members, where you have access to our Vantastic Team and other talented professionals, who are leaving the same dream as you. We care about our members and are proud of their success.

People love VanHack

"VanHack was a critical part of my job hunt in Canada and helped me prepare for the interviews before I arrived. I got a great network, had a lot of fun and most importantly got hired at my dream job at EA Games!"

Taia Araujo
UX Designer, EA Games - Vancouver, Canada

"VanHack is amazing! All the help, encouragement and advice that they gave me was extremely important, helping me save a lot of time and money! Beyond this, they’re always helping the community in order to help everyone be as prepared as possible.”

Gustavo de Gues
Java Developer, Squato - Ottawa, Canada

"VanHack is a really impressive service, in a couple months I improved my LinkedIn, Resume and Cover Letter, my English skills are getting better day by day with their help and the most important thing: I got my first job in Canada still in Brazil as a CTO of a startup! Thank you VanHack!"

Nino Marques
CTO, Cotuto - Vancouver BC

"No. It's not only about resumes or LinkedIn. It's about connections, community and support. Everyone is sharing the same goals and helping each other. This is VanHack for me, and is what inspires me every day to move forward!"

Gabriel Scaglia Dias
SEO & Social Media Specialist, Milo Enterprises Inc. - Vancouver, BC

"VanHack has been helping me to create mu Resume, improve my english with Interview Practice, introducing me to companies to get interviews and clearing my questions each time I was lost, no matter the issue, VanHack is always there to support me."

Andre Souza
Front End Developer, Macho Bear - Vancouver, Canada

"I found VanHack in the first moment that I started thinking about moving abroad - It has been an amazing experience, learning from the weekly interview practice is what helped me get hired in Europe. Thanks VanHack :)"

Andrey Sanchez
Senior .NET Developer, Farfetch - Porto, Portugal

"There wasn't event a whole month when I joined VanHack Premium and I already got to work in a really big project with a big cause in Vancouver and now I got hired as a Senior iOS developer 2 months before arriving in Toronto."

Matheus Ruschel
Senior iOS Developer, Peeks Live - Toronto, Canada

"Vanhack has been helping me to create my own network with people who are, like me, trying to reach the dream of working abroad and even people already there. Also, it helps me to understand the international IT market and be prepared for new challenges once I arrive there. I am confident to say that I will be ready to conquer my space as soon as possible!"

Valter Junior
Senior PHP Developer - Hamburg, Germany

"VanHack helped me prepare for the journey of getting hired abroad with an incredible community and support each step of the way. I'm now working in Canada and couldn't be happier!"

Thais Rodrigues
Software Engineer, iMD Health - Toronto, Canada

See our Success Stories

We've helped over 700 VanHackers get hired abroad, joining amazing companies in Canada and Europe. Watch some of our success stories and learn how you can do the same here!

The VanHack Premium Guarantee

If you're not getting incredible value and feeling more prepared than ever to get a job in Canada or Europe in the first 30 days, just talk to us and we'll refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any success cases?

Yes! We’ve helped over 550 professionals get land their dream jobs in Canada and Europe with a wide range of skills including designers, developers, digital marketers, videographers, network analysts, project managers and business executives. We have some amazing content on our Youtube channel, including success cases.

Do you only help people move to Vancouver?

No! We help prepare you for the international market, not just a specific city.

Do you help with visa, housing, education or any other related services?

Yes and No. We focus 100% on preparing you for the job market in order to be the best at this, however, we do answer general questions and our community is always sharing best practices regarding working abroad as a whole.

Can VanHack help me get a remote job?

Yes! Our goal is to prepare you show your skills to the international market and get a job abroad in person or virtually.

What are you waiting for? The best investment is in yourself!