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More than 1,000 tech professionals have already been hired in Canada and the EU. We also have fully remote jobs if you dont want to relocate. VanHack is always free for job seekers. It's not just a new job - it's a whole new life!

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    Get Ready to be Hired

    We do more than just get you noticed - VanHack helps prepare you for the selection process with mock interviews.

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    Relocate or Work Remotely

    The majority of our jobs sponsor work permits and relocation. Once you’re hired, VanHack will help you with the entire visa and relocation process.

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    Always Free

    You will never have to pay us to get a job or to relocate to a new country. VanHack does not charge job seekers any fees.

Create a profile that works

Create your profile and record a few short videos that will let a company get to know the person behind the profile. Show off your potential by taking code challenges. The more complete your profile, the better your chances of getting that interview.

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Apply for jobs and attend hiring events

Profile done? Now it's time to find a job. Use our job board to apply for jobs. But that's not all - we have many live and virtual hiring events that you can take part in. There are many paths to success!

Get prepared & get the job

Our advanced AI and our team of dedicated recruiters are constantly sending profiles to our partner companies. Once a company selects you for an interview, our interview advisor specialists will work with you to ensure you’re fully prepared. We’ll conduct mock interviews, provide information about the company, and much more.

Relocate, Work Remotely or Both!

The majority of our jobs sponsor work permits and relocation. We also have remote-only positions if you'd rather stay put. If you choose to move, our team will help with the work visa and relocation process.

Develop the skills to land the tech job of your dreams

The new VH Learning Hub offers free resources to guide Senior Tech professionals like you to prepare for a global job search. Finding the new tech job of your dreams is a journey - we get it! That’s why our team of experts prepared comprehensive content to unlock your international career!

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Hundreds of amazing companies in Canada and Europe have hired over 1,000 VanHackers - and those numbers keep growing!

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