Interview and Hire Top Tech Talent In Person

VanHack brings your company and the talent to the same space to have interviews and making the hiring process faster! Two events will help you on that: VanHack Leap and Recruiting Mission.

VanHack Leap: 15 Top Tech Talent flying to your city

Leap is an amazing opportunity for tech-based companies located in any city in to hold face to face interviews with top developers from around the world.

VanHack will invite 15 pre-vetted senior developers from a global talent pool to participate in the next Leap event and your company. can do face to face interviews with them.

See the next event dates and places by clicking on the button.

Recruiting Mission: Select from 300+ Senior Developers to help fuel your growth

Select from 300+ Senior Developers to help fuel your growth. VanHack is bringing some of the best developers who want to relocate for a weekend-long recruiting fair.
The participating developers are all pre-screened for English and Coding skills and are eager to join the Canadian and European tech scene. We have the best tech talent ready to start working for your company.

VanHack is Proven

We hired 2 Senior Ruby Devs in 2 months with VanHack.

Jane Lee
HR Manager, Streamlabs

Working with VanHack gave us the much needed Senior Developers we need to scale our product.

Manu Varma
People and Culture, Traction Guest (Salesforce company)

I was blown away by the speed that VanHack delivers at.

James Berger
CEO, Hatch
VanHack has a global community of talented engineers who are excited to work for you