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Our VanHack Premium is a complete package of services to help you sharpen your job interview & English skills, network and mindset needed to get hired abroad.!

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$65 every month
CAD $65.00
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$300 every 6 months - Save almost 25%!
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CAD $65.00

VanHack Premium Community

    VanHack Premium community is here to help you each step of the way to getting an amazing job abroad. We're excited to meet you and work together! Let's do this!

What you'll get:

  • 40 hours of Interview Practice in English per month (That's less than CAD $2/hour with a native professor!)
  • +100 hours of Step-by-Step video course showing you how to get a job abroad
  • Exclusive Slack Community for you and your family to share industry insights and grow together
  • Community support to help you on your journey to find a great job abroad
  • Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and Personal Website Revision
  • Unlimited Access to our team to guide you along your job search

What VanHackers are saying:

"VanHack is amazing! I'm now working in Ottawa because of all the help, encouragement and advice that they gave me was extremely important, helping me save a lot of time and money! Beyond this, they’re always helping the community in order to help everyone be as prepared as possible.” - Gustavo de Geus, Ottawa

"VanHack helps me to understand the Canada's Job Market and connects me with a lot of companies, some of them willing to sponsor, this is awesome! The interview practice is the most immersive experience that you can have!" - Luiz Eduardo Carneiro, Rio de Janeiro

"VanHack helped me get a great job in Vancouver. They fixed my Resume, improve my english with Interview Practices, introduced me to companies to get interviews and clearing my questions everytime I was lost, no matter the issue, VanHack is always there to support me." - Andre Souza, Vancouver