Colombia Recruiting Mission - Hire Senior Tech Talent!

Interview Vetted Senior Developers ready to relocate and work for you during a weekend long hackathon and recruiting fair

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Hire Amazing Talent Quickly

Select from 100+ Senior Developers to help fuel your growth. VanHack is bringing some of the best developers Latin America who want to relocate for a weekend-long recruiting fair in Colombia.

We've got the Best Tech Talent who want to Relocate

The participating developers are all pre-screened for English and Coding skills and are eager to join the Canadian tech scene. We have the best tech talent ready to start working for your company.

Build Diverse Teams

Hiring internationally gives you access to a much large and more diverse talent pool. We'll have a strong amount of female engineers ready to interview with you at the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Any company that is hiring software engineers.

What types of engineers are available?

We have many types of Senior developers available such as Ruby, Python, Java, Mobile, DevOps, Javascript and more.

How can our company participate?

If your company need the best Software Engineers, just click in the button bellow and we'll contact you soon.

When is the Mission?

Early 2020. We are finalising exact date and location now. Most likely late February or early March.

What were the results last time?

We had over 120 hires over the last 2 events.

Interview 100+ Vetted Senior Developers ready to help my company grow