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VanHack is our community of over 180,000 Senior Developers, Designers and Digital Marketers who are interested in relocating. Post a job for free and get the best candidates in your inbox within hours.

See how we helped SkipTheDishes hire 126 Engineers in 6 months

SkipTheDishes, one of Canada's fastest growing tech companies, trust VanHack to scale their engineering teams in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary. We were able to add over 100 developers to their team to help them scale their food delivery platform globally.

Interview and Hire Top Tech Talent In Person

Leap brings the world's best Senior Tech Talent to you by flying 15 developers who want to relocate to your city for in person interviews. We have four events coming up and your company can be part of them.

Meet Verified Candidates

We verify that all our candidates are prepared to work abroad with the strong communication and technical skills that you need for your roles. Only see the best and have the peace of mind to hire them.

Interview 300 Vetted Senior Developers ready to relocate and work for you

Select from 300+ Senior Developers to help fuel your growth. VanHack is bringing some of the best developers who want to relocate for a weekend-long recruiting fair.
The participating developers are all pre-screened for English and Coding skills and are eager to join the Canadian and European tech scene. We have the best tech talent ready to start working for your company.

Hire Hard to Fill Roles

We specialize in helping companies hire the hardest of fill roles such as Senior Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts, DevOps, React, Node and Angular developers, Designers and Digital Marketers. You name it, we've got it. Top companies rely on VanHack to help them find those diamonds in the rough quickly.

Take the Worry out of Relocation

Our talent is interested in relocating, you won't find them on LinkedIn or other job boards. We attract fantastic developers, designers and digital marketers who are actively looking to move. We are with you each step of the hiring process so you can focus on your job, instead of sourcing, visas and relocation headaches.

VanHack take the worry about of relocation
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I've gone from interviewing a small number of people and thinking that it's maybe not quite a fit to interviewing a ton of people and having the ability to pick and choose from an amazing pool of candidates.

Greg Smith
CEO, Thinkific
Testimonial from Grey Smith from Thinkific for VanHack

Working with VanHack was great. They had a selection of developers with great technical skills and seemed like great culture contributors. We were able to hire 2 developers - at intermediate and senior levels. The VanHack team was responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Jane Lee
Hiring Manager, Clio

Hiring through VanHack was a remarkable experience. We were able to identify new talent faster than through other services and received every support we could have asked for.

Benno von Buchwaldt
CEO, Liimex

We have used VanHack's services on several occasions and they have been successful in bringing us candidates that fit into our culture driven, values based company at Traction on Demand. They has been able to get us not on the right skill set, but more importantly the right culture fit and aptitude level we hold so dearly. The experience for us at Traction has been amazing. VanHack provides a great value add service in uncovering a talent pool that few have access to”

Manu Varma
Head of People & Culture, Traction on Demand

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VanHack has helped dozens of companies hire their most hard to fill roles. Watch the videos of the stories here.

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