VanHack partners with HackerRank to offer Code Verification to all candidates

We are always working on helping our members improve themselves and increase their chances of getting hired abroad. One of the values of our community is Show your Work: we encourage VanHackers to do that in order to help companies understand their skills. And speaking of showing your skills, we have great news to share.

VanHack partnered with HackerRank, one of the most trusted tools for assessing programming skills. As part of our new Code Verification process, VanHackers can now complete unlimited HackerRank challenges and improve their coding skills before facing real-life technical interviews. It is just what was missing to have that extra dose of confidence and impress interviewers!

Code Verified VanHackers will also get preferred status in all VanHack selection processes connected to the skill(s) of their completed challenge(s). For example, those who complete the React challenge and apply for React jobs will have their profiles reviewed by our recruiters before anyone else’s, raising their chances of having their resume sent and getting an interview.


How does it work?

To complete the challenges, you have to go to your VanHack Profile, select the challenge under “Code Verification Challenges,” and click on “Get invite.” Yes, that’s all you have to do. Easy, right? 

We also recorded a short video to show you how to do your Code Challenges on your profile. Check it here:

What kind of challenges are available?

We currently have 19 challenges available: C, C#, C++, Database Administration, DevOps, Java, Java: Spring Boot, Javascript: Angular, Javascript: Angular.Js, Javascript: HTML/CSS, Javascript: Node, Javascript: React, Machine Learning, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Python: Django, Ruby and Ruby: Rails.

This means Frontend developers, Backend developers, DevOps engineers, Machine Learning/Data Science engineers and Database Administrators may complete challenges. VanHackers can take as many challenges as they wish and will be able to see their results on their VanHack profiles.

But there’s more. What if you could also do quick challenges to practice (and improve) your skills? You can!

We have made Practice Challenges available as well to help VanHackers get familiarized with algorithmic challenges and to practice their skills. They can complete as many as they wish, whenever they wish. Practice Challenges are not used for Code Verification, but may help VanHackers get a better score on the more complex Code Verification challenges.

To complete Practice Challenges, follow the same steps used to access Code Verification challenges. They will be on your VanHack Profile, right below the “Code Verification Challenges” section.

Monthly Code Contest

Code Verified VanHackers have preferred status in all our selection process connected to the skill(s) of their completed challenge(s) — which is a huge advantage in your job search abroad, but you already know that.

However, there’s something else: completing Code Verification challenges may result in free prizes! Every month we will have a Code Contest and reward VanHackers with a one-month VanHack Premium subscription to help them get more and more prepared for their dream job abroad.

The rules to the contest are simple:

  1. Candidates must complete at least one Code Verification challenge during that month. To be eligible, the challenge must have been submitted between 00:01 (Pacific Time) of the first day of the month and 23:59 (Pacific Time) of the last day of the month;
  2. Candidates must have a verified English, and their English Verification must have been completed by LingoCentre. If you’re not verified yet, the last day to complete the English Verification test is the last day of the month by 23:59 (Pacific Time);
  3. Candidates must have the Personal Info, Experience, Education and Skills sections of their profiles filled out completely;
  4. A candidate may only receive one (1) prize per month;
  5. A candidate may participate in the contest multiple times a year and may be rewarded for different challenges, but will not be rewarded more than once per challenge (skill).
  6. In the case of a tie, VanHack will choose the rewarded candidate at its sole discretion.

The winners will be announced during the first week of the following month via Slack and email, and will be notified individually via email.

The top 10 eligible candidates will get a free 1-month membership of VanHack Premium.

VanHack Premium is a complete package of solutions to help you get a job abroad. We’ll offer you full support through personalized calls, webinars, strategic English classes and an exclusive Slack community.

One more reason to complete Code Verification challenges, right? What are you waiting for? Start your code challenges on your VanHack Profile right now!

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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