VanHack Leap Toronto. Women in Tech hiring fair Sept. 16 to 18

VanHack Leap Toronto. Women in Tech hiring fair Sept. 16 to 18

August 25, 2019

Looking to hire? VanHack Leap is back in Toronto Sept. 16 to 18 with our Women in Tech hiring fair! Like all of our Leap job fairs, these are unique and exclusive events that match up companies with tech talent from abroad.

This is your chance to find, interview and potentially hire your next female senior developer, DevOps specialist, software engineer, etc!

Candidates come from all over the world to meet with you and land that dream tech job.

Interested? Sign up as a company for VanHack, get tickets at our VanHack Leap Women in Tech Eventbrite page!

Where and when is this Leap event happening?

OneEleven Toronto
325 Front St.
4th floor
Toronto, ON M5B 2G9

The event kicks off on Monday, 16 September 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

What happens at a VanHack Leap. Women in Tech hiring fair?

This is a special 3-day Leap event:

Monday Networking. This is where companies and candidates get a chance to meet up for the first time.

Tuesday Interviews. Now it’s time for companies to meet with candidates who they think could be a good fit.

Wednesday. More interviews and office visits. Show the job seeker around your office and give them insight into your company culture.

At Leap, you can make a difference for diversity

Companies keep saying they want to build a diverse team and give women more opportunities in tech. Yet big tech leaders struggle with finding, much less hiring, female tech professionals. Google consistently strive to hire women in tech for their global workforce. The ratio of men to women has barely budged in years!

But at this VanHack Leap event, companies of any size can bring more diverse perspectives and new ideas to their team!

See some of the women in tech hired at Leap

Check out what our Leap Women in Tech hiring fairs look like

Is your company looking to add diversity to your tech team?

Learn more about all of our upcoming Leap events, join VanHack and find your next senior developer to help grow your company!