VanHack celebrates Women’s International Day at Women Dev Summit

VanHack is working hard to promote diversity and gender equality in the Tech Market – and we are proud to have more than double the number of amazing women in tech on our platform. So this year we decided to do something different on Women’s International Day. Our team went to Women Dev Summit in São Paulo, Brazil, to meet, talk and give a workshop about how to get ready for an international career for the participants.

The event was made by women for women. All the speakers and participants were there to discuss, share experience and help create a better environment in the tech market. From technical talks to open discussions, we had two fantastic days and met a lot of amazing women working in tech – starting their careers or doing that for a long time. We were able to share experience, discuss fears, show that an international career is possible and we are here to help you – let’s hack together!

The VanHack team put together a workshop to help the participants build a strong international profile and how to be prepared for interviews – all this to help them achieve the goal of getting hired abroad. We had a full room on our workshop for almost 3 hours (thanks to everyone who stayed!), and it was gratifying to be able to hear so many great stories from so many talented people.

We can not even begin to describe the energy, the engagement with the content we shared – and, of course,  how much we’ve learned from these two days. Being able to be part of this movement to promote inclusion and gender equality was rewarding in so many levels. You rock, girls!

Thank you Women Dev Summit for having us there and for all the support – not forgetting the great experience.

Are you a woman in tech, want to get a job abroad and don’t know where to start? VanHack is here to help you! Fill out your details on VanHack ATS platform and begin your journey to get your dream job abroad.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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