How Vanhack works

How Does VanHack Work?

February 28, 2018

If you’re looking for top tech talent, you’ve come to the right place. At VanHack, we know how hard it can be to hire for some of the most in-demand tech roles available today.

Below, we outline how your organization can partner with Van Hack to take your hiring efforts to the next level.

Find the talent you need:

The VanHack process starts with an understanding of what talent your company requires. Once you have decided on the specific skills you’re hiring for, you can build a profile through our employer’s page to receive a qualified list of candidates matched to your needs. Rather than submitting another job ad to the usual job boards, schedule a call with one of our experts to get one on one service and the answers to any questions you may have. Our sales team can walk you through the hiring process and guide you towards best candidates for your company.

A short list of the best candidates:

Once you’ve signed up as an employer, we provide a short list of candidates who may be right for the role. You will also have access to our network, where you can hand pick some of the best candidates in the world, that are ready to relocate for a role with your company.

We specialize in providing the kinds of matches that go beyond traditional recruiting methods and our network includes many candidates you may not find on Linkedin. If at any point you’re struggling to find the best candidate for your role, our team is available to assist.

Relocate for the new opportunity:

Once you’ve shortlisted your group of top candidates and gone through the full interviewing and sign-off processes, it’s time for your candidate to make the move. Our team’s experience and expertise will make the relocation process as easy as possible for both your company and the candidate. We have assisted over 100 candidates to relocate for new opportunities and can provide guidance and assistance in Visa, relocation and other challenges that may be faced.

That’s it, our simple process for finding, selecting and hiring top talent from all over the world. VanHack is focused on simplifying the hiring process so companies like yours can focus on everything else they do best.

To get started today, follow the link and create your free account