Global Candidate Pipeline

How To Create A Global Candidate Pipeline

February 28, 2018

In our experience, one of the most common challenges companies face, regardless of economic conditions, is the number of qualified candidates needed compared to the number of positions available. Few things are worse than a great role going to waste because of the inability to fill that role.

As the economy continues to improve and unemployment across North America decreases, the competition for top tech talent will continue to be fierce. With those conditions in mind, this post focuses on what organizations like yours can do to create a global candidate pipeline that protects against this situation. Below, we outline some of the simple steps for building an effective strategy so your pipeline is full of qualified candidates ready for the next great opportunity.

Continuous Recruiting:

The best recruiters of talent know that you should always be hunting for new talent. Whether a position is available or not, having talented candidates in your database is essential for ensuring you have the resources to build the team that’s right for your organization. Being proactive about your hiring process means finding and qualifying candidates you may need now but who may also be needed for future roles. This approach means to abandon the practice of hiring ad-hoc and committing to a strategy of regular engagement with a group of qualified candidates.

Expanding Your Network:

In addition to a commitment to more regular recruiting, expanding your network means expanding past your borders to the talent that is available all over the world. Companies like VanHack do most of the lifting for you by providing access to hundreds of thousands of global candidates who are ready to relocate for roles all over the world. This kind of recruiting is also not a new phenomenon, according to the ICTC, since the 2008 global recession, the proportion of immigrants (permanent and temporary) in the digital economy has increased steadily each year.

Pre-Screening for Future Success:

Timing is everything and a candidate who may not be a right for a role now could end up being a key piece in the near future. In addition, engaging with a candidate early on can assist in generating referrals later as high performers tend to surround themselves with other high performers. VanHack provides companies with pre-screened candidates to make this process as easy as possible. Click here to learn more about how Vanhack works.

Engage Regularly:

If you’re continuously recruiting, reaching out to the widest pool of candidates, and you’ve pre-screened the best, you’ve done most of the hard work already. The way to tie it all together is to then reach out regularly and engage with candidates for the purposes of relationship building. The right amount of engagement is different for each

role and/or organization; however, the need to engage on a regular basis is critical for maintaining those relationships.

Catch up with Competitors:

Another and possibly more compelling reason to utilize these strategies is the fact that they are likely being employed by your competitors. As the ICTC has pointed out, at present, there are more than 350,000(40%) immigrants employed in ICT jobs in Canada’s digital economy. About 96% are permanent residents or Canadian citizens and 4% are temporary workers. With recent changes to the Visa processes in many countries, this is a trend that will likely continue and possibly accelerate over the long term.

Canada, along with the US and the UK, continues to be a leader in the effort to provide highly skilled job seekers with opportunities to immigrate. As competition amongst firms becomes ever more fierce, and as employment rates continue to decline, companies will need new strategies for attracting and retaining the best talent. Going forward, a proactive approach through continuous recruiting, an expansion of the hiring database through hiring abroad, pre-screening candidates, and keeping up with the strategies of competitors are a few of the ways your organization can meet its hiring needs for the future.

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