five tips for better recruiting

5 Tips For Better Recruiting

May 2, 2018

Finding the right talent can be the difference between success and failure for almost any organization, and this is particularly true for finding the best tech talent for your organization. In 2014, 68 percent of HR professionals reported problems filling positions – up from 50 percent in 2013.

Below, we highlight some of the best strategies for finding not only the right tech talent but the right talent for your organization. As always, to get immediate access to a qualified list of candidates, head to the employer’s page at

 1. Job ads that go beyond description:

Job descriptions are not enough when it comes to ensuring suitability for a role. Rather than simply listing requirements and qualifications, organizations that provide context within the ad by discussing their culture and writing with personality ensure that they attract great candidates who are the best fit for their particular company. If the culture is conservative and competitive or laid back and laissez-faire, candidates with similar skills may apply for the role only to realize that they were a poor personality fit later in the process.

2. Be self-aware:

Attracting the right candidates to your organization also requires knowing who and what your organization is. Smaller companies and startups will sometimes have a clear vision and mission in the founders’ minds, but fail to have these articulated in writing or communicated to employees. Employees may believe they were hired for one purpose, and end up on a completely different course than they intended. Clearly defining the personality and purpose of the organization will ensure that the candidates that choose to take the journey are well informed and with you for the long haul.

3. Get feedback from present and past employees:

Companies, like people, sometimes miss what makes them great. Talking to employees both in and out of the department you are recruiting for are essential to figuring out what makes a person successful in that role and what helps sell the role to a prospective candidate. Taking that information and adding it to any existing recruitment effort ensures that your organization has taken the steps needed to attract more of the candidates you want. While no approach is perfect, it provides an additional layer of security and helps reduce inefficiency later in the process.

4. Sell yourself and the role

Employees want to feel like they are part of something bigger. When a company knows who they are and where they are going, builds a strong team of supporting characters, and then conveys that effectively they tend to have no problem attracting talent. Therefore, companies that build the foundation then do a great job of selling it tend to be most successful.

5.  Hire from abroad.

Companies that look beyond North America by working with companies like ours, can take advantage of a talent pool that is larger and easier to screen than the traditional recruitment process. And the added bonus of hiring someone willing to relocate is a fairly strong indicator of an employee’s independence, maturity and willingness to absorb change; all of which are excellent traits for an organization looking for the best candidate.

To recap, hiring talent is tough, but finding the right talent is tougher. Well defined job ads, self-awareness, getting feedback, selling the role and hiring abroad are only some of the ways your company can improve its recruitment efforts. Organizations looking to improve their access to international talent can join the VanHack network and get started today. To get immediate access to a qualified list of candidates, head to the employer’s page at